What We Can Learn From the Tiger

I began creating this colorful tiger simply out of my fascination for wildlife and safari animals.   I love tigers. I love their regal look, their majestic stance, and how they command authority no matter where they go. No person or animal can pass by a tiger and not be stopped in his tracks and revere this mighty creature.

The more I thought about this tiger as I painted it, I thought about its strength, its cunning, its patience.  Tigers will stay their course and wait until the opportune time to pounce upon their prey.  They are skilled and powerful hunters and are representative of being grounded, given their uncanny ability to be still and observe their surroundings until the time is right to pounce.

It occurs to me that we have a lot to learn from the tiger. How often do we act impetuously and leap before it's time?  Not that I think of myself as a predator by any means but in today's crazy upside-down world, patience and vigilance seem more needed than ever.  If we attempt to embody these simple yet overlooked characteristics of the tiger, our lives will be safeguarded and will be much more in line with what we want.  Furthermore, we will be more protected from those who seek to take advantage and do us harm, and full of strength and boldness wherever we go.

Like the tiger, we can boldly seek out our lives with confidence. Not a bad thing!